Shop labour rate
$120 per hour
Detailing rate
$75 per hour including supplies
Service call rate
$120 per hour
Mileage Rate
$0.85 per KM
Towing/Hauling rate
$2.50 per loaded KM
Minimum Service rate
$60 (.5 hours)
Summerization/winterization – sterndrive and inboard
$ 250
Summerization/winterization – outboard
Summerization/winterization – PWC (supercharged)

Summerization/winterization – PWC (not supercharged)

Pick up/delivery – Rosseau town docks
Pick up/delivery – North end of Lake Rosseau (North of Royal)
$35 per employee
Pick up/delivery – Sucker, High, Dyson, Skeleton, Star, Bruce
$50 per employee
Pick up/delivery – all other lakes
Towing/Hauling rates apply
Trailer storage
$5/day – Max $50/month
Shrink wrap & on-site outdoor storage
Shrink wrap & off-site storage
$45 per Ft.
$35 per Ft.
Indoor storage
$69 per Ft.


Diagnostic scan
.75 hours
Engine oil & filter change – sterndrive and inboard
1 hour
Engine oil & filter change – outboard
.75 hours
Engine oil & filter change – personal water craft
.8 hours
Gear oil change – alpha drive
.6 hours
Gear oil change – bravo drive
.8 hours
Gear oil change – outboard
.5 hours
Transmission fluid change
.7 hours
 Battery replacement .5 hours

Applicable Parts, Fluids, Lubricants, Environmental Fees and Taxes Extra. Estimated labour times may differ depending on boat layout, obstructions or accessibility. Pricing is a guideline and is subject to change. 

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